Exhibition on Geothermal Energy in Slovenia

One of the Geofood project results is the dissemination of project findings and knowledge about geothermal energy. Hence, we prepared a small exhibition on geothermal energy at HE Park Brežice, Slovenia. An opening event was held on 17 September 2021, with the participation of Mr Ivan Molan, mayor of Brežice Municipality; dr. Maja Turnšek, Slovenian […]

World Geothermal Congress 2020+1 – Part I

Today, the Geofood team presented the first article out of three at the World Geothermal Congress 2020, “Adding Value to Geothermal Food Production Through Experience Design”. Barbara Pavlakovič from the University of Maribor in Slovenia presented the article and addressed, in particular, the educational dimension of sustainable food production in relation to the use of geothermal energy. Furthermore, […]

GEOforFOOD Webinar – 29th June 2021

Today, the Geofood team participated in the GEOforFOOD webinar held by Geothermica and Orkidea. Dr. Maja Turnšek participated in the webinar  “GEOforFOOD Innovation initiative” with the contribution “Geothermal chances for Food and Tourism: a Country Perspective”. The presentation was based on results from the GEOFOOD project on food production in a controlled, sustainable and efficient environment using geothermal as […]

World Geothermal Congress 2020+1

The World Geothermal Congress (WGC2020+1) has now begun and offers an abundance of virtual events with online presentations for you to join to learn about recent developments in engineering. The Congress takes place in Reykjavík from March to October 2021. For more information, see: https://www.wgc2020.com/

New article published: Geothermal Energy for Circular Food Production

The Geofood team has published a new article, Geothermal energy for circular food production, in the Geothermische Energie journal, Heft 96, p. 20-23. September 2020. It discusses the Geofood project and the potential and opportunities for expanding the use of geothermal energy for circular food production. The article presents the innovative concepts of Geofood illustrating how […]

The construction of the RAS in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands

The following time-lapse video shows the development of the Recirculating Aquaculture System in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands. The construction phase started in January 2019 and the system was completed in May 2019. Since then the system has been operational to gather valuable data. It also acts as a demonstration platform for stakeholders of all kinds; teachers, […]

The GEOFOOD research unit at WUR

On June 27th, the GEOFOOD team visited Wageningen University & Research in Bleiwijk and was presented to the new GEOFOOD research unit that has just been constructed in a 150 m2  greenhouse chamber. Wageningen Plant Research (Part of Wageningen University & Research) is a private not for profit research  institute with  experienced personnel (about 600 fte) and specialises […]

Visit to the Ammerlaan

On June 26th 2019 the GEOFOOD team visited the geothermal heated greenhouses run by  Ammerlaan TGI in the Netherlands. Ammerlaan is a family owned company which was founded by the Ammerlaan brothers in 1959 and has grown to become an ornamental nursery with over 6 hectares of modern greenhouses. Ammerlaan is the first ornamental plant […]

A Visit to South Iceland

On June 26th 2018 the GEOFOOD team visited potential sites in South Iceland and related tourist attractions in the area. The team visited Thingvellir and learned about the geology of Iceland, touched the geothermal energy at Geysir in Haukadal and visited the tomato farm Fridheimar and the cattle farm Efstidalur. Both cases are excellent examples […]