Geofood presented in the Dutch Radio

Geofood was presented in the Dutch radio program ‘Business News Radio”. They visited Bleiswijk and made an interesting report about Geofood:

Geofood presented into the geothermal and horticulture networks

The Geofood project has received interest in the geothermal network as well as in the horticulture in the Netherlands. The direct use of geothermal energy for food production is being discussed by several stakeholders in Europe, see further information on the following links.

Geofood presented at EAS2019 in Berlin

Geofood was well presented at the EAS2019 conference in Berlin. There was a special aquaponics session chaired by Dr. Benz Kotzen and Dr. Hendrik Monsees. Alexander Boedijn from WUR held a presentation on MODELLING AND DIMENSIONING AQUAPONICS AS THERMAL TREATMENT NETWORKS THAT OPTIMIZE GEOTHERMAL ENERGY USE.

Grand opening of Geofood Aquaponic system in Bleiswijk September 30th

The grand opening of the Geofood Aquaponic system was held in Bleiswijk end of September. Stakeholders from horticulture and aquaculture businesses, geothermal specialists and researchers took part in the event and discussed future opportunities and further development of circular systems and increased use of geothermal energy in horticulture worldwide.

Wageningen University and Research presents GeoFood at ISHS symposium in Tenerife

The newly developed energy model for geothermal greenhouse aquaponic systems was presented in Tenerife during the XI International Symposium on Protected Cultivation in Mild Winter Climates. The interest of the audience was piqued due to the circular potential that aquaponics offers in terms of renewable energy, nutrients and microorganisms. Companies and researchers indicated that food […]

Construction of research facilities is going well

As part of the GEOTHERMICA funded GEOFOOD project, LandIng Aquaculture is hard at work building an innovative recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) . The RAS is constructed at the research facilities of Wageningen University and Research in Bleiswijk. It will be used to gather valuable data on energy-, water- and nutrient exchanges in aquaponic systems. The […]

Successful Geofood Symposium in Slovenia

The Geofood Symposium in Slovenia in November received interest from industry stakeholders, researchers, municipalities and policy providers. Geofood visited the geothermal producers Lust – and Ocean Orchids – Both companies are growing their production sites and attract an increasing number of visitors to their geothermal heated greenhouses. Below you can see a short […]

Samraekt presents GEOFOOD at Visindavaka in Reykjavik

Samraekt presented GEOFOOD at Vísindavaka in Iceland, which is part of European Researchers’ Night, which is an event organised every year on the last Friday of September. An event was now held in around 340 towns and cities all over Europe. The main objective is to bring together scientists and the public, show scientists and […]