The construction of the RAS in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands

The following time-lapse video shows the development of the Recirculating Aquaculture System in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands. The construction phase started in January 2019 and the system was completed in May 2019. Since then the system has been operational to gather valuable data. It also acts as a demonstration platform for stakeholders of all kinds; teachers, […]

New publication in International Aquafeed

In May 2020, the article GeoFood: An example of circular economy by using geothermal heat, RAS and horticulture to produce fish and vegetables by LandIng Aquaculture, Netherlands was published in International Aquafeed, pages 42-44. The article introduces the main findings from the GEOTHERMICA founded GEOFOOD project.

We look forward to meet in may 2021

The GEOFOOD team planned to participate in the WGC2020 in April 2020 in Iceland with three oral presentations. The event was planned back to back with a physical GEOFOOD meeting in Reykjavik, a workshop and the Grand opening of the GEOFOOD system. For more information about WGC, please see See you in May 2021!

Visit to the greenhouse research station of WUR

On January 28 2020, the United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Purdue visited the greenhouse research station of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands. Accompanied by Dutch minister of Agriculture Carola Schouten and WUR CEO Louise Fresco, he opened the brand new greenhouse complex “Greenhouse 2030”. Secretary Purdue was also interested in […]

Geofood presented in the Dutch Radio

Geofood was presented in the Dutch radio program ‘Business News Radio”. They visited Bleiswijk and made an interesting report about Geofood:

Geofood presented into the geothermal and horticulture networks

The Geofood project has received interest in the geothermal network as well as in the horticulture in the Netherlands. The direct use of geothermal energy for food production is being discussed by several stakeholders in Europe, see further information on the following links.

Geofood presented at EAS2019 in Berlin

Geofood was well presented at the EAS2019 conference in Berlin. There was a special aquaponics session chaired by Dr. Benz Kotzen and Dr. Hendrik Monsees. Alexander Boedijn from WUR held a presentation on MODELLING AND DIMENSIONING AQUAPONICS AS THERMAL TREATMENT NETWORKS THAT OPTIMIZE GEOTHERMAL ENERGY USE.

Grand opening of Geofood Aquaponic system in Bleiswijk September 30th

The grand opening of the Geofood Aquaponic system was held in Bleiswijk end of September. Stakeholders from horticulture and aquaculture businesses, geothermal specialists and researchers took part in the event and discussed future opportunities and further development of circular systems and increased use of geothermal energy in horticulture worldwide.